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Peckish Small Animal Junior/Dwarf Hay 1.2kg

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Peckish Small Animal Junior Dwarf Hay is grown in Tasmania, Australia for your little friends. Our hay is completely natural and free from chemicals, perfumes and anything that can cause potential harm to your small friends. It encourages natural instincts such as foraging and burrowing, with an irresistible aroma that small animals love. Peckish Small Animal Junior Dwarf Hay provides not only a balanced, high fibre and protein feed but environmental enrichment.
Peckish Small Animal Junior Dwarf Hay is an ideal food for young, growing rabbits and guinea pigs (up to 12 months old), as well as dwarf rabbits. It can also be fed in conjunction with other Peckish Small Animal Hays to adult rabbits and guinea pigs. Made from Lucerne Hay, this feed is naturally high in fibre, protein and calcium. Grass hay, such as Peckish Small Animal Junior Dwarf Hay should make up approximately 75% of your small animal’s diet. As your small animal grazes on the hay, they are benefitting their dental health as chewing wears down their growing teeth and also keeps them physically and mentally stimulated. The Peckish Small Animal Junior Dwarf Hay is also a great natural source of Vitamin D.

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