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Small Animals

At Nature's Best we believe in giving you the best quality service and products, at great prices! Our popular range of small animal products are manufactured to the highest standards right here in Australia using local and imported ingredients. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs will enjoy our Peckish range of mixes, pellets and treats. Rats and Mice can eat a wide variety of food, it is better to provide them with a good, quality, specialty feeds.

Small Animals

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs require a high quality food that provides them with an excellent source of fibre. This is essential for your small pet’s digestive system and helps to grind down their teeth to prevent the onset of dental disease.  Peckish Guinea Pig and Rabbit mixes and pellets are the ideal solution, providing your small animals with the adequate levels of fibre and nutrients for a healthy, happy life.
​While Rats and Mice can eat a wide variety of food, it is better to provide them with a good quality, speciality feed. This ensures that they are receiving a balanced diet full of fibre and nutrients to aid in digestion. For long-term health and general vitality, Peckish Rat and Mice food provides your small animals with all the vitamins and minerals they need to keep living a healthy life.


Further enhance the lives of your small animals with a wonderful range of accessories specially made for them!


Super-absorbent and non-toxic small animal bedding also provides a sweet smell to your pet’s cage.


Whether you’re looking for a cage for your rabbit or guinea pig, or something smaller for mice, we have exactly what you need.


​Our own Peckish range will provide your small animals with all their nutritional needs.


Peckish Small Animal Hays provides not only a balanced, high fibre and protein feed but environmental enrichment.


Spoil your small animals with delicious treats that ​ also benefit their health with every chew!