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Tetra Betta 3-in-1 Select-A-Food 38g

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3 foods in one . includes BettaMin flakes, Freeze Dried Shrimp and TetraBetta mini pellets
Perfect for top-feeding fish
A diet based on the nutritional needs of an insect eater like the Betta
Specifically formulated and nutritionally balanced, colour-enhancing diet
Perfect in size for the Betta.s mouth
Easily digested by your fish which reduces waste in the tank and keep water crystal clear
High in protein and omega-3 fatty acids
Includes patented health-enhancing ProCare – a proprietary mix of vitamins, biotin and minerals for increased fertility and growth rates, and fish oil-based Omega 3 fatty acids for optimized growth and less waste
Fish are healthier and more resistant to disease when administered Beta-Glucan
Does not cloud water when used as directed
The unique, multi-section canister is easy to use and allows you to quickly decide which food you want by the rotating turn-dial
Contains 2 sections of BettaMin Tropical flakes- small thin red flakes
Contains 1 section Brine Shrimp Bits – freeze dried natural shrimp
Contains 1 section TetraBetta Mini Pellets . small floating bites with natural colour enhancers


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