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Scruffs Icon Drink Bowl -Cream

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Scruffs bowls are made from strong, thick and heavy stoneware. The thick bases and thick walls of the bowls add weight, helping the bowls to stay still when pets are feeding, unlike with plastic or steel bowls. As stoneware is a relatively poor conductor of heat, the thick walls also help keep food or water cooler for longer. Our glazes are chip and bite resistant, making them the perfect material and finish for pet bowls. All our bowls feature finger holds, making it more comfortable for owners to serve and pick up bowls. And of course, Scruffs bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe.
Scruffs water bowls have been specifically designed for dogs to drink from with optimal comfort. Dogs? tongues curl backwards when drinking, lifting water into their mouths like a ladle. Many pet owners think that food bowls can be used as water bowls, but low sided drinking bowls don?t provide the depth needed for dogs to curl their tongues back with comfort, which is why we gave our water bowls the height that they need.


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