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***PRO PLAN ADULT Bright Mind Med/Lge 7+ 12kg

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Pro Plan Bright Mind Medium & Large Adult 7+ is a breakthrough innovation in canine nutrition specifically designed to nourish your senior dog.s mind.
When your dog reaches maturity, their body begins to undergo age-related changes. From less interaction with you, to lower engagement in daily activities, there are many signs your dog may be aging. Pro Plan Bright Mind was created out of proprietary research that shows enhanced botanical oils provide an efficient fuel source for the brain in dogs aged 7+ . helping naturally nourish their minds to help keep them active and alert for longer.

Pro Plan Bright Mind contains an exclusive blend of nutrients, shown to promote memory, attention and trainability in dogs 7+.

As well as nourishing their brain, Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ supports healthy aging with key nutrients to promote a healthy immune system, teeth and joints. It is made with real chicken to ensure your senior dog loves and looks forward to each mealtime.


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