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Fancy Feast Classic Kitten 24x85g

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Make every day delicious with FANCY FEAST Classic recipes. An extensive array of delicious, mouth-watering flavours and tantalising textures your cat will love.

FANCY FEAST Classic Pat. is a highly palatable, gourmet wet cat food made for kittens. This collection pack features a delicious combination of your cat’s favourite flavours in the texture they love. Finely ground pat. made with real chicken, salmon and ocean whitefish. A glorious feast for your cat! Available in a convenient 24 pack, consisting of 8 x chicken, 8 x salmon and 8 x ocean whitefish varieties.

All FANCY FEAST Classic recipes are 100% complete and balanced, with the goodness of high protein and the essential vitamins and minerals your cat needs, making mealtime delicious and nutritious..

Each recipe comes in an easy-to-open and easy-to-serve 85g can that makes mealtime simple and hassle free. Serve alone or mix with dry food for a delectable texture, and a great way to add moisture to your cat.s diet. If your cat craves a variety of flavour combinations, try some of the other recipes within our range to keep her excited..

No one loves your cat like you do . and no one loves helping you find ways to delight your cat like FANCY FEAST. FANCY FEAST has been setting the standard in gourmet cat food since 1982, creating and crafting unique taste experiences time and again. Delicious tastes. Irresistible textures. Thoughtful details. Each FANCY FEAST recipe has been carefully crafted using high quality ingredients because your cat deserves nothing but the best. Your cat will taste the love with every delicious bite, and you will feel good about what you put in her dish. With over 60 irresistible recipes in the range, there.s a plate for every palate.


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