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District 70 Bamboo Cat Slow Feeder Dark Grey – 13.5cm

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Cats have a mind of their own when it comes to food, but some are so enthusiastic that it is gone before you know it. For these fast eaters, a slow feeder is a useful tool for dosing the meal.

Manage fast eating with a slow feeder
You might catch yourself giving in to those sweet little eyes and keep giving food, but did you know that a cat’s stomach is about the size of a ping pong ball. This makes a large meal harder to digest and an anti-gulp bowl helps to manage your cat’s appetite.

Stylish and practical solution
It is well known that cats have sensitive stomachs. With the help of the small obstacles in the middle of the anti-gulp bowl, your cat will have to put in more effort in order to eat the kibble or wet food. By slowing it down through the use of a cat slow feeder, your cat will not gulp as much and will feel fuller more quickly, which leads to better digestion and less vomiting. Did you know that a cat’s whiskers are very sensitive. Just like our BAMBOO bowls, this cat slow feeder has a shallow design to prevent whisker fatigue.
The stylish cat slow feeder has a diameter of .13 cm. The feeding bowl is made of bamboo and therefore completely safe for your cat. Available in the trendy colours dark grey, merengue and ice blue. The non-slip bottom keeps the bowl in place.

Mix and match
The stylish anti-gulp bowl is perfect to combine with the BAMBOO drinking and feeding bowls for cats. Are you looking for a stylish jar to store your cat’s kibble. Maybe our BAMBOO Treat Jar is the right choice for you. Enhance your cat’s dining area with the SERVE placemat and choose between the colours merengue, ice blue or dark grey.

Reasons to love
. Stylish anti-gulp bowl that fits any interior
. Practical solution for cats who tend to gulp
. Indentations encourage your cat to eat at a slower pace
. Small but refined design with a diameter of .13 cm
. Shallow design to prevent whisker fatigue
. Also suitable for small dogs such as a Chihuahua
. Dishwasher safe (no microwave)
. Non-slip base prevents slipping on slippery floors


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