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Aquasonic High Range Freshwater pH Test Kit

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All Fish have an ideal pH range. Some fish, especially Cichlids from Africa’s Rift Lakes, require a higher pH than can be tested with a standard test kit. Certain events, namely biological filtration of an aquarium, tend to reduce the carbonate hardness value and therefore lower the
pH. Also, certain influences like carbon dioxide, can affect the reading of the pH value.

The assimilation of waste by bacteria in the filter of an aquarium is an acidifying process and in time will reduce the carbonate hardness value of the water. As this occurs, the pH value will fall.

The basis of pH in the African Cichlid aquarium is Carbonate Hardness, also called kH or Alkalinity. This HIGH RANGE pH TEST KIT is best used in conjunction
with the Aquasonic CARBONATE HARDNESS TEST KIT. Carbonate Hardness should be maintained over 100ppm, but no more than 260ppm. This will provide stable, high pH, helping your African Cichlids to thrive. Carbonate Hardnessis quickly and easily increased using Aquasonic CARBONATE HARDNESS GENERATOR. If the carbonate hardness value of an aquarium is correct, yet pH values are not, then the influence of carbon dioxide should be considered.

During the development of bacteria in a biological filter, ammonia and nitrite conditions exist. Both are deadly to fish. The toxicity of ammonia and nitrite, however, is in direct relation to the pH value of the water in the system. By lowering the pH, the toxicity of these deadly conditions is minimised.

The rift lakes are a unique group of lakes formed in Africa’s Rift Valley. Due to their age and geology, the water chemistry of these lakes in unlike any normally encountered for aquarium fish. The Rift Lakes have very high levels of certain essential mineral as well a higher than ordinary pH. You can easily mimic the chemistry of these lakes in your own aquarium by using Aquasonic RIFT LAKE WATER CONDITIONER. This is a mix of 11 natural essential minerals in correct proportions to match the requirements of African Rift Lake.

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