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Aquasonic Ammo-Gone (Chlormon) Water Conditioner 5 Litre

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Ammo-gone will neautralise ammonia, chlorine and chloramines, in fresh or salt water. When neutralising ammonia, use an Aquasonic Ammonia Test Kit to determine the level of ammonia present and the increase or decrease the dosage proportionally to neutralise it in one dose. In areas where ammonia or chloramines are a problem in tap water, Ammo-gone is essential. Use each time a new aquarium is installed, when water changes are made or transporting fish. If mixing salt water for marine aquariums, use Ammo-gone. Following the use of of Ammo-gone, use Aquasonic Water Conditioning Salts to create that ideal habitat. For trouble free saltwater, use Aquasonic Ocean Natures Sea Salt.

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