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Aquamate Aquarium Conditioning Salt

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An inexpensive way to treat your aquarium and keep fish healthy. Lessens pathogens in the water, provides sodium and chloride ions, and inhibits a fish’s uptake of toxic chemicals.

For tropical and coldwater fish, Aquamate Aquarium Conditioning Salt helps to keep disease at bay by lessening the number of pathogens in the water, it provides sodium and chloride ions that stressed or sick fish need, and it may inhibit the fishes’ uptake of toxic chemicals in tap water, like Nitrate. This all leads to a much healthier aquarium for your fish.nnOnly use when changing the tank water, or you notice any signs of distress or disease.

Directions for use:
Goldfish/Coldwater & Tropical Fish: 1 teaspoon per 10 litres of water (GH: 150ppm)
Livebearers (Swords, Guppys, Mollies & Platys): 2 teaspoons per 10 litres of water (GH: 300ppm)”

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500gm, 2kg


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